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Welcome to Moodle and Elluminate at CWCS!

Click how to log into Moodle and enroll in courses as well as Joining an Elluminate meeting.
Click  problems?  submit feedback to the Admin
Clickfor All Pacing Guides Syllabuses
Click Moodle code of conduct, truancy policy, and plagiarism
Click for Elluminate (Blackboard Collaborate BBC) New User Guide
Click for the same but more a more student friendly version
Click health status of BBC (Elluminate) - maybe it's not just you!

BBC Ultra Issues (Elluminate)= online classroom not moodle call:
1-877-382-2293 option 4 then 1 or wait (free support for students, parents, teachers so please be patient and explain that your issue is for BBC NOT Moodle!)
Login: username and password -
note old usernames from FRED will no longer work. If unsure, ask your ES for your new student number in our new system.
you are locked out after too many attempts, close all browser windows
and restart your browser. Your username and password have been created
for you. Students username = Student number; password = DOB WITHOUT slashes or place holders 0's.
John Smith Student number 12345 DOB 03/05/1996
username=12345 UNLESS you are in CWEB, then put a 999 in front like this: 99912345 The password bot both schools is still same: 351996 no slashes and no leading 0's!
Usernames are whole numbers only. If your student # has a .1 or .2 after it like 12345.1 then your username would just be 12345 without the decimal.
If you are having trouble please contact your ES for help. 
  • You must do these 3 steps to attend:
  • Log into Moodle
  • Enroll in the course Moodle Training for Students & Parents
  • Click the purple BBC icon (see pic below)
Moodle Training for Students & Parents 2017-2018
All times are 12-1 PM unless otherwise stated.
Mon Aug 14
WED Aug 16
WED  Aug 23

2nd Semester
Wed Jan 3
Wed Jan 10

Or watch the recording by enrolling in the course in Moodle:  Moodle & Elluminate Training for Students and Parents

Enjoy Moodling at CWCS!!!